Distribution Area

We service a wide area of Mid-Atlantic States, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia. As you can see from our map, we have grown to cover many more areas. Our service area is constantly growing, and is ideally positioned to expand to other markets around Eastern United States.

Deliveries are made with our own fleet of trucks on a regular schedule. With our 24/7 service, emergency shipments are available same day or next day. Allegheny Supply is a customer-focused company, with the available equipment, processes and chemicals needed to fill any of your facility maintenance management needs.

Delivery to Mid-Atlantic States is free. If you would like to order our products and are outside the free shipping area, we can ship via UPS, Fed Exp, or US Postal Service. Contact us today for further information, and let us add you to our list of satisfied customers.


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(From left to right: Andy Carney, John Weakland, Faber Weakland, Mike Carney)


About Us

In June of 1971 Faber C. Weakland purchased a healthcare cleaning supply franchise known as Airkem Altoona.
With Faber as the only employee selling Airkem products the business grew and he moved it from his home garage to a closed barbershop in the East End of Altoona and a part-time bookkeeper was hired. Shortly after that Faber's brother-in-law, Andrew T. Carney, was discharged from the U.S. Army and came home to work on his Master Degree at St. Francis College at night school. At that time Faber hired Andy, as a sales rep during the day. The business steadily grew necessitating hiring a second part-time bookkeeper.

After receiving his Master's Degree from St. Francis, Andy joined the company as a partner. Airkem Altoona was changed to Allegheny Supply. A warehouse and office space was purchased, a delivery person was hired and a program was set into motion to put the company ahead of the competition.
In 1978, to help support the supply business, a cleaning maintenance and snow plow business was started. The company also joined our industry national organization called The International Sanitary Supply Association.

In the Fall of 1980, the ISSA published an article about Allegheny Supply becoming one of the first Jan San Distributors to also provide commercial ware wash and laundry products that included routine/emergency service. In Spring of 1989, John Weakland, Faber's son, graduated from East Carolina University and joined the Allegheny staff as a sales rep while simultaneously earning his Master Degree from St. Francis University.

Allegheny Supply was quickly being recognized by other suppliers. New lines were added including away-from-home paper products. The company quickly out grew the original facility and moved to a larger rented space in the old farmer's market building in downtown Altoona for a period of one year. In the meantime, another salesperson along with two full-time office workers was hired. The company soon out grew this facility and a 10,000 sq. ft. building was purchased in Duncansville. The third salesperson and a second delivery truck were added.

Fifteen years ago the company was successful in obtaining the PA contract to supply the kitchen sanitation products for all Commonwealth facilities, which included state hospitals and prisons. In the spring of 1998 an additional 5,000 sq. ft. was added to the existing warehouse.

In 2005, after graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, Michael Carney, Andy's son, joined the staff as a sales rep. The company has grown to a work force of 29 full-time employees, three independent outside sales reps and several service people throughout the Mid-Atlantic States.

Allegheny Supply has grown into a hardworking, family oriented small business that pays particular attention to provide service to its loyal customers. The company has invested in a state-of-the-art computer system consisting of links to our suppliers and web site ordering.

We would like to thank our hard working and dedicated employees and our current and future customers because without them our business would not exist.